Posted in April 2012

Magician – Terms Glossary Magicians are referred to using various terms – often relating to the nature and type of performance. Here is a glossary to help clarify what is meant by these terms. Magician – entertainer who performs visual miracles using sleight of hand and misdirection. Mind Reader – entertainer who appears to be able to see people’s thoughts. Conjurer – same as magician. Illusionist – often referred to as a magician who performs large stage effects but can

Wedding Magician / Magician for weddings Hiring a wedding magician is the perfect entertainment on your special day. More and more couples are choosing to hire a wedding magician for their big day.  Hiring a wedding magician to interact with all the guests as an icebreaker is becoming a very popular choice. This doesn’t intrude on the days proceedings. Wedding magician Robert Fox now performs at over 100 weddings every year.  There are certain times of the day when it’s best to hire