Posted in January 2017

Magician London The Rich History of Magicians in London Many different performers have called London their home. Street performers of all different types have graced the passes throughout the years putting on performances of all types for the beautiful people of London for centuries, but even though many of these performances require years of dedication honing the craft, none have such an effect on the crowd quite like the art of Magic. History of Magic There was a time when

Magician Hertfordshire What a Magician Can Do for Your Party The fun at a party generally comes from the form of entertainment that is being showcased. If you hire Robert Fox, the No.1 magician Herts has on offer you will thankful you made the right decision. The Need for Entertainment Entertainment at a party is right up there on the importance meter running neck and neck with the food. Great parties and events of all types have both exceptional food choices

The Magic of the UK Cardini and P.C. Sorcar live on When it comes to magicians, the mind tends to go directly to Harry Houdini or to modern American icons such as David Copperfield, David Blaine, or Chris Angel. Yet, as good as these magicians are, they would be non-existent without the foundation of some of Britain’s finest magicians. From London magicians to magician Hampshire, the UK has housed some of history’s top illusionists. It is from these magicians that

Magician Buckinghamshire Make Your Event One to Remember Got a corporate event, party or wedding? Hire Robert Fox, the No.1 magician Buckinghamshire has to offer and you will not be disappointed. Parties are held for any number of reasons. Some are lavish affairs that are held in venues such as Heatherden hall in Buckinghamshire while others are very low-key events that only call for a few close friends or family to attend. The type of party however does not make

Magician Surrey How Hiring a Surrey Magician Will Make The Difference If you are seeking entertainment of the highest quality, you need to hire Robert Fox the top magician Surrey has available. Corporate Events Many years ago, large companies found that having events throughout the year had the ability to unite the workers and build strong bonds within the company. Since then, companies of every size have invested a certain amount of their operating budget into these events. They will