The Best Illusions of all Time

The Best Illusions of all Time

We all have our favorite celebrities. Whether they are on television or performing their latest hits at a concert, we all have certain celebrities that we admire, but there is one aspect of celebrity that takes the cake. Magicians are widely known to entertain small crowds all the way up to large stadium style shows, but a select few have had the opportunity to stand out among the crowd an offer some remarkable tricks for our entertainment. Here is a look at some of the best magic tricks in the world along with some reasons that you may want to hire Hertfordshire magicians for your next party.

The Bullet Catch

It is not likely that you are going to have any of the magicians in Hertfordshire perform such a dangerous stunt at your party, but this is one of the most famous tricks ever to be performed. There have been a number of magicians meet their end by performing this trick. The deaths from this particular magic trick have taken the lives of 6 magicians so far dating back from 1820 up until 1975. The trick is no longer done by many magicians due to the danger and the number of deaths, but the most recent attempt at the trick was performed by the famed Penn and Teller duo. They did a double bullet catch which is obviously more difficult than the single, but they added a level of difficulty by allowing random audience members to sign the bullets before they were fired.

Death Saw

Some of the best magic tricks involve the possibility of the magician dying and from the previous trick, we can see that the notion is entirely possible. One of the most renowned magicians of our time is David Copperfield and he made a significant mark on the magic world by performing the Death Saw trick. The trick was merely an illusion of the magician cutting himself in half. The remarkably well done trick was televised in 1988, but of course, Copperfield was completely unharmed while doing the trick and that trick went down in history along with many of his other tricks as one of the best in history. Now, it is safe to say that most of the magicians in Hertfordshire are not likely to aspire to such death defying feats, but with the right budget and an extreme amount of practice with timing, it is possible.

Water Torture Escape

For those that make it their business to understand magic such as the Hertfordshire magicians that perform at events throughout the city, there is no trick more elusive than that of the Water Torture Escape. The one that made this trick so famous was Harry Houdini himself and rumors were speculated around his death that this is the trick that killed him. That was mere speculation as he died of another unrelated reason, but still people maintain that this is the ultimate test of a true magician. The reason that so many are warned against doing the trick is because the risk of death is quite high. Those that fail to train themselves adequately enough to hold their breath for the amount of time it takes to release the restraints do not fare so well while performing the trick and therefore, unless you have a significant amount of time to devote to this one trick, you are not likely to find a magician in Hertfordshire that will perform the trick for you.

What do Hertfordshire Magicians Do?

It takes a considerable amount of training and resources to accomplish the magic tricks listed above and in most cases, there is a convenient television involved that helps direct the eyes of the audience. Most of these tricks and illusions are performed on the grand scale and for television, but just because your event or party does not possess the budget that the big television networks do, does not mean that you will not be able to have an amazing magician perform for you. Hertfordshire magicians are among the best around, but if you want to truly bring your event to new heights, Robert Fox is the magician for you.

He has studied magic for many years and unlike some other magicians who merely perform a few tricks for a crowd, Robert Fox is passionate about showmanship and entertaining the audience. Robert is the number one magician Hertfordshire possesses because he cares about what he does. There may be other magicians in Hertfordshire, but none possess the true passion for the craft that he has. He performs for both large groups on stage as well as more intimate settings with close up magic. Your event will be at its best when you allow Robert Fox to entertain the crowd with his amazing acts of magnificent magic skill.