Best London Magician Robert Fox

Best London Magician Robert Fox

Even though the world might lack real magic, some people can charm you into believing in its existence. And then there are people like Robert Fox. Robert Fox is a professional London magician who can make you believe in magic with his phenomenal sleight of hand and mind reading.

Robert Fox is a celebrity magician, who has performed for some of the most notable celebrities to walk the earth. Examples include: the great Paul McCartney, Chris Martin from Coldplay, One Direction, etc. Usain Bolt, the legendary Olympic runner, was so impressed by Robert’s sleight of hand tricks that he said, ‘I thought I was fast–wow!!’

Fox has an impressive experience of over a decade in the entertainment industry. He has performed for events like weddings and corporate parties all over the UK. If you are looking to hire a professional magician in London for your occasion, Robert Fox is the one you are looking for.

A major difference between the performance of an amateur entertainer and a professional one is the social skills. Professional magicians have the ability to engage the onlookers in the act. This London magician knows exactly how to do that. With years and years of experience in his pocket, Robert can single out people who are in dire need of some entertainment during prolonged events and those who would like to be left alone. He is guaranteed to leave guests with a lasting memory of the event.

Weddings can become boring for many guests due to various reasons. During times when the bride and the groom leave for photo shoots or in receptions, guests often feel isolated. A lot of times, people get seated next to guests they don’t know. This is when the magic of Robert Fox comes alive. Robert helps to break the ice among people, entertaining one group at a time. And when his performance ends, people want nothing more than to talk about it. Voila, it becomes a night to remember. Robert has performed at weddings in almost 30 towns in the UK last year alone.

The name Robert Fox is quite popular in the corporate world. He is the go-to magician for firms in London. So whether it is a private event for top employees or a large ceremony, Robert Fox is the magic man you are looking for. There are four types of entertainment Robert offers for corporate events. The most popular of all is his Cabaret Mind Reading Act. He performed this act for almost 520 people at the Park Plaza Riverbank in London, and they loved it!

Another great way to incorporate his services in promoting your business is to get him on board for trade fairs. He will attract hundreds of potential customer towards your stall like a magnet with his tricks, if his name alone doesn’t do the job.

To make your private party a night to remember, you should consider putting in a professional entertainer amidst the guests. Robert can provide excellent entertainment for your esteemed guests with his skilful magic tricks. He has performed for major celebrities, and they all have loved him. If you see his testimonials, you might even start thinking that Robert Fox is the best magician and mind reader in the UK!