Best London Magician?

I’ve found that when people want a London magician they often look for what they believe is the best London magician or top London magician. Whilst I certainly hope I am a high quality performer, who has many repeat bookings, I certainly would never state I was the best or top.

As a magician who has been performing for well over a decade I take a huge amount of pride in every performance I do. I think this is reflected in the number of repeat bookings I obtain from clients. Being hired as a magician in London by the same client for me is greatest compliment there is as a magician.

There is a huge choice of entertainment available out there so when a company chooses to return to you for another event it means you really have made an impression on that client.

It’s also worth noting that if a magician in London is charging very low then huge caution needs to be taken as a booker. You must ask why is this magician so cheap. Is it because demand for their services is so low that they charge so little.