Why Book London Magician Robert Fox?

Why Book London Magician Robert Fox?

When you mention the word ‘magic,’ you’re either met with a feeling of excitement, or one of impending doom, it really depends on your past experiences when it comes to magic performances. Many can protest to be a magician, but only those who truly live and breathe the wonderful world of magic can be considered a true connoisseur of this deep-seated form of entertainment.

As such, when it comes to booking a London magician, you really need to consider what kind of punch you want to deliver for your event or private function. You may assume that once you seen one magic show, you’ve seen them all. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. While there is a plethora of different magicians scattered around the region, if you want to makes your guests gasp in amazement at what they have just witnessed, then you really should consider booking a true professional.

Booking a magician in London should be something that is done with the utmost confident. Fortunately, there is an options that will cover all your requirements and more.

Introducing London Magician Robert Fox

As a magician with a number of years’ experience on his side, Robert is more than able to entertain a room, regardless of whether it contains 50 people, or 50,000. The world of magic is something of an immersive one, and it’s not unusual for the audience to want to be part of this mesmerising journey. Similarly, people booking a London magician also like to choose what kind of act is put in front of them so they can ensure that it will receive the most engagement.

Robert is a true professional that has not only worked with a number of different businesses and individuals, but also a vast selection of well-known celebrities who have been more than impressed with the mixture of mind-reading and original up-close magic. To give you an idea of Robert’s credentials within the world of magic, you only need to look at the following endorsements.

‘What the hell just happened?’ Harry Styles (One Direction)

‘Great performer and nice guy’ Gary Lineker

‘Always brilliant at our X-Factor wrap parties’ Louis Walsh

‘A unique talent’ Chris Martin

There will be many of us who have undoubtedly considered a London magician in the past, but have been dissuaded as we didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Robert, a tried-and-trusted magician in London who is no one-trick pony. This is due to Robert perfecting his craft over time, taking pleasure in each performance and learning new ways of making his audience really have their beliefs put to the test.

Are you looking for mind-blowing close-up magic? Or maybe you’d like to see your guest in awe as Robert performs one of his legendary mind-reading performance? Maybe you’d just like to sit back and enjoy an evening of magic and humour that is delivered impeccably. Whatever you reason for seeking a magician in London, Robert not only ticks the boxed, but creates new ones for the competition to contend with.