Choose Surrey Magician Robert Fox

Choose Surrey Magician Robert Fox

When the Average Entertainment Simply Will Not Do

Here is why Surrey Magician Robert Fox should to your next entertainment choice.


If you were to ask a small child what they wanted to be when they grew up you will get responses such as, a ballerina, professional soccer player, or a rock star. Where these are for the most part, impractical ideas, the child will show true passion for what they want to do. Throughout the years however, that passion is slowly drained from the child and they are forced to realize that their childhood dreams may not come true, but there are a few people that maintain that passion throughout their lives and Robert Fox is one of them.

Robert Fox is not like other Surrey magicians that you will come across. The magic he performs is not a sideshow that he does in his spare time. It is his passion and he works diligently to make sure that all of his performances are accomplished perfectly. He works at each trick to ensure that it is accomplished to the most entertaining and mystical level. Robert Fox is the only magician in Surrey that is able to bring his audience into the performance with such passion because he truly enjoys performing for people.


We have all seen truly charismatic people throughout the years. These are the people who you instantly like and who are able to draw people into them merely by being themselves. True charisma is something that is hard to find, but when you are performing for a crowd it is necessary. Performers who lace charisma lack the ability to connect with the audience and the audience can become bored making the entire performance a flop. Robert Fox has all the charisma necessary for a jaw dropping performance that will keep the audience entertained throughout the show.

There may be other magicians in Surrey, but none can boast the charisma that is brought to the performance like Robert Fox. He has the ability to get people involved in the tricks that he does in two ways. He brings them onto the stage during his stage performances allowing them to be a part of the show and he also has the amazing ability to do close up magic while mingling in with the crowd. Robert Fox is the only magician in Surrey that can get right up close with the guests at any event and make them feel special all while offering the best in entertainment. There may be others, but Robert Fox is the best magician Surrey has to offer.

Mind Reading

Apart from his ability to dazzle you with amazing feats of magic, Robert Fox can read your mind. There are many forms of mind readers throughout the world. Some mind readers claim to be able to tell you about your future and can come off a bit creepy, but Robert Fox uses his mind reading ability just for entertainment purposes and entertained you shall be when you find yourself unable to keep him from knowing exactly what card is in your hand while you are up on stage in front of the audience.

Entertainment is what makes an event all that it can be. Without good entertainment you event will be nothing more than a meal, some conversation, and the guests looking for the exit. You want any event that you host to be one that people will remember for years to come and you need the best in entertainment to accomplish this goal. Robert Fox has been entertaining through magic in Surrey for many years and he loves playing for a crowd. The next time you decide to throw a party, have a wedding, or even a corporate event, Robert Fox is the only name in entertainment you need to remember. He will make any event magical and entertaining for all.