Christmas Party Magician

The Magic of Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year when the impossible seems possible – angels are all around, a fat man dressed in red flies to your house (via reindeer!) and comes down the chimney with only the intention of bringing you presents and then there are the office Christmas parties where anything really can happen! Children embrace and embody the magic of Christmas – the lights, the build-up of advent and the prospect of a mountain of presents on Christmas morning when the words ‘He’s been!’ echoes around so many households. To children, everything about the season is magical, even the weather if it has snowed!

However, as an adult the magic of Christmas may have been replaced with cynicism of the season. The cold weather, mixed with treacherous driving conditions topped off by a large hole in your bank balance may leave you feeling less than festive. Part of the reason why the office Christmas party can get so messy is due to employees drowning their festive blues. Yet this should not be the case, Christmas is a magical time of year. How can we put the magic back into Christmas for adults? Hire a magician of course!

You may scoff at the idea of a magician, thinking that magic is for children. You would of course be correct if by magician I meant an ageing man in a moth-eaten cloak pulling a not-so-cleverly-concealed rabbit out of a hat, but this is not the case. Modern magic techniques will put a smile on any Scrooge-like characters face.

Magic is no longer reserved for children’s parties; it has developed into an art form appreciated by adults all over the world. Whilst big illusions can still shock and amaze audiences, close-up magic is fast becoming the chosen form of magical entertainment for adult occasions.

Close-up Magic

This is the art of ‘micromagic’ and is also known as table magic (though it is not necessarily confined to a table). It often makes use of cards, dice, sponge balls, coins and other small objects, including spectators’ jewellery. The sense of wonder comes from the trick being performed literally centimetres away from the spectator and still them having no idea of how it can be done. It is the sense of the impossible being possible which is magical for adults.

Mind Reading

The art of mind reading, also known as mentalism, is a much contested notion with many different viewpoints on the possibility of the concept. It can be unsettling to think that someone has the ability to read your own personal thoughts. Yet many people find the spectacle of being told their own thoughts entertaining; it can in fact be the star act on any entertainment bill. This is because whilst mind-readers may not actually be able to tell you your darkest thoughts, they will be able to tell you what number, colour, letter etc. that you will thinking of as part of a Christmas magician’s fun-filled cabaret act. The act is ultimately a stage show where the audience are the starts; a brilliant night’s entertainment for the Christmas period.

If you want to put the magic back into Christmas, hire a quality magician with a proven track record of celebrity clients. Robert Fox, master Christmas party magician and mind-reader can make any Christmas event magical.