Christmas Party Magician Robert Fox

Christmas Party Magician Robert Fox

If you’ve been left in charge of organising the Christmas party, then you may be feeling somewhat perplexed as to what to arrange by way of entertainment. Of course, you could hire a DJ, but is that really going to make the impact you’re looking for? DJs are popular for good reason, but it can also divide your guests, as some could consider it too loud, whereas others just like to dance. As such, there can be a lot to consider when looking for your Christmas party entertainment.

Whether it’s for family, or for work, the Christmas party allows everyone to let go of any worries to stress for the festive period, so it’s important that everyone in attendance is enjoying themselves. Not everyone may have considered a magician for their Xmas party, but a magician is much more than some clever card tricks nowadays, as long as you book the right kind of Christmas party magician.

There are many who proclaim to be a magician, but there is a difference in performing a few satisfactory tricks and completely blowing the audience away. As such, you should ensure that the magician you use for your Christmas party is one that is able to deliver the professionalism deserved for your event. Booking an act based on price alone could be seen as frugal in the first instance, but if the entertainment is not up-to-par, then it could be considered a waste of money.

Why Consider a Christmas Party Magician?

If you’re used to a particular routine when it comes to arranging a Christmas event, you may be wondering why you should invest in a magician for your Christmas party. However, having a magician perform at your event really is unlike anything else. You will see people really enjoying each other’s company, as well as being immersed into the wonderful magic tricks being performed in front of them

Close-Up Magic is Fun

You can say what you want about magic, but there’s no getting away with what is in front of your very eyes. Robert is more than a magician, he lives magic. As such, he is able to offer a vast selection of magic tricks and illusions that will give guests an experience like no other, making your event a talking point for weeks to come.


When making arrangements for your Christmas party, it is likely that you will research a lot of acts before making a final commitment. Another factor that should be considered when deciding on an Xmas party magician is how self-sufficient they are. Some acts may be new to the arena, and as such will have a series of questions and uncertainties on the day. The right kind of Xmas party magician will simply go with the flow, and start building relationships with those in attendance, to ensure that the show is as impressive as it can be.

Easy to Arrange

When deciding on a Christmas act, some can be more troublesome to deal with that others. There can be numerous chats about the setup time and performance time, which, if misunderstood, can mean the day is nothing more than a stressful endeavour. Magicians can be booked early, and can normally come up with a performance that is arranged around your plans, and not the other way around.

Ideal Ice Breaker

Some events can mean people are sitting with people they don’t know. While this is harmless in the long run, it can feel a little awkward to start with. A professional magician will have very little trouble in taking down barriers, and ensuring that everyone is having a good time.

Robert Fox: The Perfect Christmas Party Magician  

Robert Fox is much more than someone who has a slight-of-hand and card tricks, he is a fully seasoned entertainer who has experience in entertainment a plethora of different audiences in a number of different settings. As well as attending private parties, Roberts has also worked with a number of leading blue-chip companies to provide entertainment for their corporate events.

Robert is also a favourite within the celebrity circuit, with a host of famous names, praising the excellent entertainment Robert has put on for them.

‘Absolutely sensational!’ Sharon Osbourne:

‘Bloody Marvellous’ Alan Carr

‘Always delightful and superb at what he does’ Barbara Windsor

‘Completely amazing, wicked!’ Olly Murs

‘First Class’ Dermot O’Leary

Robert is a smart and sophisticated Christmas party magician who is looking to take things to the next level. Gone are the assumptions that magic is merely for the younger generation, as Robert continues to dazzle audiences with his unbelievable magic tricks and warm sense of humour.

Robert understands that no two crowds are ever the same, but with the slew of experience he has managed to attain over the years, Robert always delivers a show that leaves people speechless and wondering what just happened.

This in turn gives your Christmas party a certain buzz that can’t be found elsewhere, meaning that it could well be one of the most memorable nights to date.

Plenty of Choice for Your Entertainment

Robert is no one-trick pony, and has a number of mind-reading techniques and unbelievable illusions that will leave your audience lost for words. The size of your venue doesn’t matter, as Robert has worked nationwide with a number of individuals and businesses to ensure that the act compliments the venue perfectly.

Robert has visited many venues in the past, including summer balls, product launches and award nights, so you can be sure that Robert has the both the experience and talent expected from a magician of the modern age.

You may even have a particular idea of what you would like performed at your event. Whatever your requirements, Robert Fox is able to ensure that your event is a professional and enjoyable affair.

If you’re keen to ensure your Christmas party is enjoyable and easy to organise, then why not book Robert Fox today. As well as ensuring you are getting a magician with a vast selection of magic tricks, you’re also given access to the perfect Xmas party magician.