Corporate Christmas Party Magician

The office Christmas party is often a highlight (or in some cases a low point!) of the festive season. Corporate Christmas parties vary in size immensely, from small businesses with less than ten employees, to large corporations with over 100 employees in each site. Whatever the size of your company is, having a corporate Christmas party magician is a fantastic way to make the night a memorable one which was enjoyed by all.

Top 5 Reasons to have a Corporate Christmas Party Magician

1) Not Everyone Likes a Disco!
Yes, it’s true. Not everyone enjoys drunkenly bopping around to Abba classics and sidling up to the nearest person for Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is You’. Employing a Corporate Christmas Party Magician will ensure that those people have something to entertain them other than watching the drunken antics of others.

2) An Original Idea
If you are the designated Christmas party organiser, chances are you want the whole event to be a great success and one that people talk about after the Christmas holiday for all the right reasons. Having a magician at the office Christmas party is not something that colleagues will necessarily expect, meaning that it is instantly a talking point. Obviously, the magician that you choose will need to be of a good standard in order for them to make a good impression with your colleagues. If you book a quality Christmas party magician, you will earn a well-deserved pat on the back from your work colleagues.

3) Can perform alongside the other entertainment or during a meal
A Christmas party magician can complement any other forms of entertainment that you may have at the corporate Christmas party, they do not have to be the main attraction. They are a perfect addition to any formal meal, playing to each table around the room. Even if you are organising a traditional disco, a magician can perform to small groups around the room or at the bar area, minimising boredom when waiting to be served.

4) Can be the main attraction with a cabaret-style performance
Many magicians are branching out from performing close-up magic only, and learning the art of mindreading. Whereas close-up magic is better suited to intimate audiences so that everyone can see what the magician is doing, a mindreading act can be performed on stage in front of tens or hundreds of people. See the crowd marvel at the magician able to predict the thoughts and actions of people that he has never met before; maybe even you! This would make a fantastic and original office Christmas party and give your colleagues something to talk about way into the New Year.

5) Because Magicians are Amazing!
Often, magicians get bad press because they are too cheesy or people have misconceptions about the type of illusions they perform. In reality however, the majority of good magicians can offer a child-like sense of wonder and amazement to even the most sceptical of adults. The illusions and mindreading that they perform are seemingly unexplainable which adds to the magic. The spirit of Christmas is magical, so bring some magic to the corporate Christmas party!

If you are looking for a quality magician to entertain at your Christmas party, look no further than Robert Fox. Robert is a fantastic magician that offers close-up magic and mindreading cabarets to suit any occasion. Get in contact today to book him for your Christmas party as his diary is getting fuller by the hour.