Entertaining London magician

Experience magic from a professional and entertaining London magician

Finding a great way to add a touch of magic to your event can be tricky, but the answer is right here with your magician in London extraordinaire Robert Fox.

He has been bringing his own brand of magic to the London area for years, and has built an amazing and astounding repertoire over that time. Thanks to his performances, he has left a number of happy clients behind him after his shows.

This includes a number of celebrity clients that he has performed up close and personal magic tricks over the past 15 years. As well as those at corporate events, parties, and weddings.

What are the type of events that you can book this London magician for?

Robert has worked in a number of London events over the years. Gaining experience in how to change his magical performances to suit the audience.

Award ceremonies, charity balls, and special celebrations, all of these types of events may find themselves benefiting from the special touches that Robert can bring with his magician London show.

The varying performance types that Robert can provide

As an experienced magician, Robert knows that not every event will need the same type of performance, and this is why you will find that his approach and style changes to match the needs of the audience. Here are some of the formats you can expect to see at your event.

Table Magic

One of the most up close and personal forms of magical performance that Robert offers. Your London magician will move from table to table at your event, showcasing amazing performances right in front of their eyes. This format is usually seen for client lunches and corporate events.

Mix and Mingle

If you have a cocktail evening or large event and you want your guests to relax and unwind, the mix and mingle service by London magician Robert is ideal. He will walk around and speak to your guests, showing off some of his much loved up close magic tricks. The ideal way to prepare your guests and break the ice.

Mind Reading Cabaret

This particular style of performance is ideal for evening entertainment during your event. A mind reading cabaret performance by Robert will capture the imagination of the audience, seemingly reading the minds of your guests, and impressing them all hugely.

A London magician with experience

If you are looking for the ideal entertainment for your event, then why not book the best entertainer in Robert Fox? Whether you book the up close and personal forms of magic, or an audience led mind reading cabaret show, you will make sure that your guests have an experience that they will remember.

Get in touch with Robert today and discover what he can bring to your event with his astounding magical show.