Essex Magician Book

Essex Magician Book

How Hiring a Magician in Essex Can Turn Your Event into Something Special

Essex is a place that is full of events throughout the year. Some of these events take up days or weeks, while others may be more intimate settings, but no matter what type of event is going on, it is always made better by entertainment and nothing is more entertaining that watching a magician practice his art for a crowd. More and more people are discovering how an Essex magician can add significant value to any party turning that simple party into a true event. Here are some ways a magician can improve your party.

More Invitations

When you begin preparing for a party you generally start with the guest list. It may grow a little as you remember people that you want to invite, but for the most part, it stays relatively unchanged throughout the planning process. The one thing however that can change the guest list is the form of entertainment offered at the party. When people hear that a party has a singing group that they like they may ask to be invited, but when it is something as magical as a master Essex magician, you can bet that you will be getting quite a few requests for an invite.

Magician Essex – Unique Entertainment

Many entertainment acts may claim to be unique, but not all can boast the honor. Most acts performed at a party tend to be very straight forward and without any real deviation from the performer’s intentions. They will sing the songs that everyone knows so people can sing along or do the dances that people have already seen. There is nothing really unique about it, but a magician has the ability to change up their performances as there are literally an endless stream of new and different tricks to be performed. Therefore, you Essex magician experience can and will be unique to the event.

Customization is a Possibility

Few acts offer the chance to customize the performance to the needs of the event. The performer may be able to incorporate certain special requests, but they are limited. A magician in Essex can offer a lot of customization options as there are many different tricks to choose from. Should you have a favorite trick from a performance you have seen in the past, simply asking your magician will enable you to likely be able to see the trick during the performance provided that you give the magician ample time to practice if the trick is particularly difficult.

Personal Approach

Some forms of entertainment seem to be very impersonal. The performer performs, but there is no true interaction with the attendees apart from the occasional glance from the stage or the honoree being mentioned during the performance. Magicians in Essex have the ability to do both stage performances as well as close up magic. The stage performances are great for large venues with many guest, but the close up magic offers the chance for the magician to mingle among the crowd as he astounds them with his slide of hand and remarkable tricks to amaze small groups of people.

Gets People Talking

It is not always enough to have the best venue or even the best food to get people to truly remember the event. People go to different parties throughout the year and if someone’s social calendar is quite booked up they may not remember all the parties. If, however your party has something they enjoyed, they are likely to remember and look for the event the following year. Hiring a master magician in Essex allows for you to have that Wow factor that makes people remember your event year after year.

Who to Call

If you are impressed by all the amazing aspects that a magician can bring to your party turning it into the event of the season, you may be wondering where to find that must have Essex magician. Robert Fox is the only name you need to remember when you want the best in magical entertainment. Robert Fox has honed his craft over many years and therefore it is not just a hobby for him. Some hobby magicians can be a little cheesy to watch, but Robert Fox treats every performance just like he is performing for his own family with the utmost respect and none of the corny aspects of some of the other magicians in the area.

There may be many magicians in Essex to choose from, but if you want your event to be the talk of the town and remembered by all who attend, Robert Fox can make it happen. His performances are renowned throughout the area and his popularity is ever growing, so if you have an event coming up, be sure to book him as quickly as possible to ensure that you get the best magician in Essex.