Essex Magician – Three Reasons to Choose Robert Fox

Essex Magician – Three Reasons to Choose Robert Fox

If you are looking for a magician in Essex, Robert Fox is one of the premier performers in the area. He has successfully performed for big corporate events and major celebrities, and there are a number of very good reasons you should consider hiring him to perform for you and your guests.

The “Wow” Factor

Whatever crowd he caters for, Robert always brings the all-important “wow” factor to any event. Combining a talent for magic with first-rate showmanship, he will make the audience “ooh” and “ah” in a way that few magicians can. With Robert, you can be sure that each trick will provoke more amazement than the last, whether he is performing big, showy tricks on the stage or carrying out skilled close-up magic at such close quarters that the audience will be truly at a loss for how such impossible acts can be performed right in front of their eyes without them spotting the slightest hint of trickery. If you want a performer who will capture and downright astound your audience, then you will be hard pressed to find a better choice than Essex magician Robert Fox.

He Meets Every Challenge

No matter what kind of audience he is performing for and no matter how stringent the demands of a particular event, Robert consistently rises to the challenge and delivers like no other magician in Essex can. He has performed for small and big audiences at events ranging from small private gatherings to weddings and to major corporate functions for the likes of Google, Microsoft, Sony, and the BBC. He has also regularly performed for perhaps the most demanding and discerning audience of all; successful fellow entertainers. Celebrities as diverse as Gary Lineker, Harry Styles, and Usain Bolt giving him glowing praise. His act also gets a firm “yes” when he performs at wrap parties for TV talent show The X Factor, with series judge and successful entertainment manager Louis Walsh describing his sets as “always brilliant.”

He Can do All Kinds of Magic Acts

Robert is a truly versatile Essex magician. He can put together pretty much any kind of magic act you desire. He is truly talented at close-up magic – the kind where all the action takes place just a few feet away and you really don’t know how he manages to keep his secrets hidden. He can also command the attention of the audience from centre stage, performing less personal but more elaborate feats of stage magic. If you really want the biggest and best, he can even source additional magicians – carefully selected to uphold the same high standards that Robert himself offers – in order to provide a bigger and more spectacular act than any magician could on their own. Whatever kind of magician in Essex you feel your event needs, Robert Fox can be that magician and provide a truly exceptional act that is sure to amaze.