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Make Your Event Memorable with The Number One Magician in Guildford

If you are planning any event in Guildford, you need to keep certain things in mind. Two of the most vital parts of any event is the fact that people need to eat and people need to be entertained. Finding the right person to feed everyone is virtually easy when you begin to look at caterers that have a good reputation in the area or happen to know a family member or two that can help with the food, but entertainment is an entirely different animal because not everyone can entertain a crowd. It takes a lot of heart to get in front of a crowd and an expert knowledge of what you are performing.

Robert Fox is not just your everyday performer. He has worked for many years perfecting his magic like no other magician in Guildford. Some magicians seem to think that the crowd is there for them and therefore they should be treated special. Robert Fox understands that without the crowd’s approval he will have no venue to perform at and so he is there for the people and their overall entertainment. That is the only way to make any event special for the attendees and Robert Fox is the only Guildford magician for hire that understands this fact so completely and he will make any event special for all your guests.

Small Parties

So much emphasis is put on the entertainment of large crowds at huge venues at such establishments as the G Live here in Guildford and many performers will seek out many of these large events to perform for, but forget about the small events that happen each day throughout the country. Certain performers believe that it is beneath their talent ability to perform for a small party of just a few people, but Robert Fox understands that it is at these smaller parties where you can make more contacts for the larger events. The intimate gatherings that he is booked for is where he gets to know his audience on a more subdued platform and nothing is more satisfying for Robert Fox than that.

Small and intimate parties are held for all sorts of reasons and entertainment is not always thought of as necessary for these events, but small talk can only take your guests so far. Entertainment gives them a break from small talk and allows the party to continue on throughout the evening. Robert Fox loves to entertain and is the best magician in Guildford you will find. He can take a simple gathering of friends and turn it into the party of the century that your guests will talk about for years. Where some entertainers may shy away from small intimate gatherings, Robert Fox welcomes the opportunity to get to know his audience on a personal level and make new friends at the same time.

Staff Training Days

There is a misconception among events these days. It is thought that entertainment should only be booked for events that require the guests to put on their best for a night out on the town, but entertainment is not all about that. An entertainer needs to be ready and willing to entertain people at any time and out of all the Guildford magicians to book Robert Fox that can take even the most mundane of events and add a little entertainment within to make it a lot more fun.

Staff training is something that many people dread when they are in business. The act of making a special day to train new recruits is expensive and can be exhausting for the person orchestrating the event. In many of these training sessions you will find that by the end of the event most of the new staff are dozing off to sleep. Motivation can be hard to come by in these events, but booking entertainment for staff training days may be just the ticket to maintain a motivated and happy staff. They will begin to look forward to those days rather than look for a reason not to attend. Hiring Robert Fox for your next staff training day is an easy and fun way to show your employees that you care about them all while getting them the training they need to keep the company on track.

Any time you decide to get a few or even many people together for any event the entertainment should never be a second thought. Your guests are more important than your ability to put on a CD or play that sad ukulele that has been gathering dust in the closet. Do not just book any magician in Guildford for your next event. Book the magician that will take your event to new heights. Robert Fox is your number one Guildford magician.