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How the Right Magician in Hertfordshire Can Add to Your Next Event

If you plan an event, the first thing you likely do is pick the date that the event will be held on, but no matter what date you pick, someone close to the event will undoubtedly have a scheduling conflict. Throughout your event planning excursion, you will have to contend with different issues that arise such as this, but no matter what, the event must go on. Issues with the food, guest list, and even the venue will come up, but if you take the time to hire the right entertainment, you need not worry about issues in that particular area. The best magician in Hertfordshire wants to help you worry less. Robert Fox is the magician that is sure to add value to your event instead of cause you unneeded stress. Here are a few ways he accomplishes that.


The events that people have throughout the year range from fun and free to very buttoned up and corporate. Some choices of entertainment seem to take away from the style of the event by showing up without the proper attire or sometimes neglecting to show up at all. That is a very unprofessional way to do business yet some entertainers feel as though the event is being held for them and therefore they need not worry about their professional appearance. Robert Fox is the only magician in Hertfordshire that you can trust to deliver on professionalism every time.

Robert Fox is a true showman because he understands that the performer is performing for the crowd instead of the other way around. He is the Hertfordshire magician that can fashion his performance around the individual event and will always show up with the utmost of professionalism in mind. Robert Fox will take any event to the top and make it into the must be at event of the year. Professionalism may be in question with some entertainers, but Robert Fox loves what he does and takes every performance as serious as if he were performing for royalty.


As much as professionalism adds to an event, adaptability is also quite important. You never know how much the ability of the performer to adapt to an event means until you are faced with the fact that you hired an acrobatic performer only to realize that the venue is not able to support the equipment. That can be a very costly and sometimes embarrassing realization. Some performers have to have specific requirements of the venue in order to perform for the crowd. Robert Fox, premiere magician in Hertfordshire is able to perform anywhere and at any venue without difficulty.

Some performers require that the venue not only have supports for their equipment, but also the acoustics have to be right as well. Robert Fox brings all the equipment he needs and it does not require such adaptations from the venue. Additionally, there is no issue with acoustics because much of Robert Fox’s performance allows him to go from the stage to the crowd and even around small groups to perform his amazing feats of close up magic. The adaptability of Robert Fox makes him an asset to any event and the top Hertfordshire magician.

Reputation for Excellence

Performers have to build and maintain their reputation in order to make it within their chosen craft. That reputation is built upon years of performing for varying audiences and making sure that the performance is of the highest caliber. Not all performers have built their reputation like Robert Fox has. Other magicians in Hertfordshire simply do magic as a hobby or a means to make a little money, but Robert Fox performs because he loves seeing the smiling faces of his fans.

When you plan an event, you likely advertise the entertainer you plan on presenting to the audience. The entertainment has a way of drawing in or pushing away attendees. Those performers that have been known for a negative reputation, tend to have a negative impact on your event itself. Lucky for you, if you hire Robert Fox at your next event, you get the one magician in Hertfordshire with an amazing reputation. He has performed for many celebrities throughout the country and wants to bring his expertise to your next event.

When you plan an event, you can hire standard entertainment and you will get standard results, but hiring Robert Fox ensures that the entertainment portion of the event will be accomplished flawlessly. Robert Fox will amaze and astound your guests with both his stage performance as well as his mind reading capabilities. Your event is important and your guests are worth the effort of a professional Hertfordshire magician. Robert Fox will add value and attraction to your event like no other performer out there.