Hiring a London Magician

The popularity of magicians is on the rise again, and hiring one for your London wedding, party or other event is a brilliant idea to keep your guests entertained throughout. A good London magician will make your event unforgettable and leave your guests in shock and awe; but how do you know that the London magician that you are booking is a good one? Here are a few hints and tips to help you choose wisely.

Firstly, check that your magician is from London or has at least worked in the area previously. This may sound trivial, but London is a huge place and the last thing that you want is your entertainment arriving to your event late as they had difficulty finding your venue due to a lack of local knowledge!

It is important that the London magician that you employ is able to meet your requirements. Some magicians specialise in close-up magic, whilst others prefer to put on a large-scale cabaret stage production; some can even do both where required. Therefore research their expertise and past experience; checking out their website is usually a good way to get a feel for the type of magic that they specialise in.

A magician’s website can reveal a lot about them, most commonly recommendations from past customers and indications of companies that they have worked with previously. Big companies only employ the best magicians, so this is something to look out for when researching your event magician.

One of the main elements that a magician needs to be successful is the ability to build up a rapport with the guests that they are entertaining and confidence in their abilities to carry off the tricks. You can get a feel for this by speaking to the magician in person, and perhaps asking for a demonstration of some of their tricks, either in person or via internet video. This will give you a good indication as to whether they will be suitable for your guests’ tastes.

Following this guidance should result in you booking a fantastic London Magician like Robert Fox.