Hiring Your Hampshire Magician – Types of Magic

Hiring Your Hampshire Magician – Types of Magic

Event planning can be quite a challenge. Apart from making sure that there is enough food and decorations that go along with the theme, you have to hire entertainment to keep the party going. There is a growing trend among event planners these days that are taking forms of entertainment out of the nominal box of music of some kind and inviting in entertainment that is a little different. One of the largest sectors of entertainers is hiring your very own magician, but if you are looking to hire a magician in Hampshire, you may want to ensure that you get exactly what you want. There are a number of different types of magic acts so here are some of the most common to know before hiring.

Stage Magician

If you are hosting an event in a large auditorium equipped with a stage, it is most likely that you will need a stage magician. Most Hampshire magicians can perform a stage show, but in order to properly connect with the crowd the magician does have to have an understanding of stage presence. It is not simply enough to be able to perform a few tricks to amaze the crowd, the magician has to be able to draw the crowd into what he is doing and not every magician in Hampshire that you will hire can hold the attention of the crowd adequately enough.

Street Magic

It is likely that you will not have to examine whether or not your Hampshire magician is a good street magician, but being able to be well-rounded in their ability to perform will bring variety to your event. The ability to perform street magic generally means that the magician is able to genuinely draw people into his performance. Those that do perform street magic sometimes make their living in that way therefore they practice feverishly to make certain that their act is spot on.


If a magician in Hampshire makes the claim that they are an illusionist, you may want to make sure of what they are talking about. Some magicians will use the term to bring their standard magic show to an entirely new level. An illusionist is a performer that performs their tricks on a truly grand scale. These are the ones that have lots of pyrotechnics and misdirection in their show to distract the crowd from what is really going on. An illusionist is usually maintained for those that perform for thousands in a crowd at an A-list event or those that perform on television where the camera cut away does most of the job of the illusionist.

Close Up Magic

It takes stage presence to perform stage magic, but if your event is a more intimate gathering of friends or in a smaller venue then a close up magician is for you. A close up magician has to be very in tune with their smaller crowd. Any Hampshire magician may claim that they can perform close up magic, but if they have not perfected their act and can perform it flawlessly, the performance will likely be a complete failure. When a magician has to get that close to the person they are performing for, there is little room for error. One wrong move and the entire group will know how the trick is accomplished thereby sabotaging that trick as well as any other tricks they may perform. Make certain the any magician in Hampshire that you hire has a reputation for this type of magic if they are to be hired for your event.

Mind Reading

When we think of mind reading we often think of mystic women in Gypsy tents using a crystal ball to tell our future, but when a magician states that they can read you mind, they will not be using such props. This is also known as psychological magic and can throw people for a loop. The second a magician reads a person’s mind, they will immediately believe that he is possessed by some unseen force, but in reality, he is using nothing more than cues from the person or even slide of hand. There is probably no true mind reading taking place, but a good Hampshire magician will utilize this form of magic to bring his performance to a whole new mysterious level.

Where do I Find a Magician in Hampshire?

There are a number of magicians that claim to be able to perform one or two forms of magic, but the best utilize and perfect many different forms to allow for a well-rounded and entertaining performance. Robert is your premiere Hampshire magician because he studies all types of magic so his performances are the best they can be. You will love his ability to connect with the crowd on both a large-scale stage show and intimate parties of just a few friends. Hire him for your next event and you will have no worries, at least when it comes to the entertainment.