International Bookings

I’ve been fortunate enough to have performed in over 20 different countries over the last couple of decades. These bookings have ranged from large company events to couple’s weddings. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you can be in a different part of Europe.

I can get to Germany quicker than I can get to Birmingham sometimes with the traffic. This makes international performances a lot easier than people first imagine. I liken a performance in Europe to a booking in Manchester for example. One I’m in a train for 2 hours, the other a plane for 2 hours and both will require one nights accommodation.

People often say to me it must be great getting to travel the world with the work I do. Yes, it is enjoyable but the majority of the time I arrive in a country, pop to the hotel to get ready, do my performance and then am up early to return home. So I don’t tend to see much of the counties I work in unfortunately.

That’s one of the greatest aspects of magic – it breaks all language barriers. An art that is so visual and can be experienced be so many people all over the globe.