Introducing Oxford Magician Robert Fox

Introducing Oxford Magician Robert Fox

Robert is an Oxford magician and mind reader who is available to hire for corporate and private events. He has performed magic and reading minds professionally for the past 15 years. His performances are mostly done using coins, cards and objects borrowed from his audience. When it comes to performing magic and reading minds, Robert has a unique style focused on making sure the guests get entertained. Whether he is entertaining guests are close quarters or performing his mind reading cabaret show you can be assured your guests will be left speechless.

Robert is in high demand with movie stars, leading companies and sports personalities around the world. There is no greater satisfaction he gets than knowing the audience appreciates his work. Robert is the best magician in Oxford you can have in any of your events. His presence at your event is a guaranteed success for you and your guests. He makes sure the magic performed at your event is that which will interest your guests. With his skills and ability, your event will be a memorable one.

Robert is highly experienced Oxford magician and has a great number of corporate clients. When your company is planning a conference, party, exhibition, awards evening or any other corporate event, do well to contact Robert Fox for a mind-blowing entertainment experience. During weddings, it’s impossible to entertain all your guests at the same time but with Robert at the wedding, your special day will be magical and memorable for everyone present. Due to the many numbers of weddings Robert has attended in Oxford as a magician, he has knowledge of the best wedding suppliers in the area, which is an added advantage for working with him.

If you are planning an anniversary, house event, garden party or any event, there is a need for entertainment, and Robert is the perfect person to amaze the guests at such events. He is skilled at performing for people of all ages and with him, you can be sure your guest will leave feeling happy and thrilled. Aside from his magic and mind reading, he is also a great stand-up promoter for trade shows. He can increase the returns on your investment just by using the right words because he is a gifted speaker.

Robert entertains as an Oxford magician in Abingdon, Burford, Didcot, Neithrop, Ruscote, Witney, Woodstock and a host of other places. Robert Fox is well-known across the UK and abroad as a full-time professional magician and mind reader.

For a magical and memorable event, contact Robert Fox today!