London Magician Price

London Magician – Price
People often ask me what’s the price of a London based magician or do magicians charge the same. The answer is no – in fact every Magician in London will probably quote a different fee.
Fees are based on many factors including the experience of the magician, how in demand the magician is and the ability of a magician.
Other factors which affect what a magician will charge is the date of the event, length of perforce and type of performance. Many magicians in London will perform both close up and stage acts of which the price will be different.
Magicians who based in or around London will also perform across the UK.  So for an event in the midlands a London based magician will charge more because of the travel time and cost.
Every event will need to be quoted for individually based on all these factors: date, time, location, length of performance and type of performance.

If you wish to get a quote for a specific event please get in touch.

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