London Magician Robert Fox

London Magician Robert Fox

True Entertainment Without Compromise

What you need if you are to allow your event to stand out among the crowd is a magician and the best London Magician is none other than Mr. Robert Fox.

London is one of the most well-known cities in the world. No matter where you go in this vast expanse of earth, when you mention London, people know where and what you are talking about. London is not just a well-known city. It is the place where countless musicians and acting professionals have called home. The London entertainment scene is truly one of a kind with a wide variety of choices to choose from, but when the entertainment at your London event has to be really top-notch hire London magician Robert Fox.

Who Is Magician Robert Fox

There are many magicians that claim to be able to entertain crowds of people, but these claims are nothing but a lot of smoke and mirrors that they incorporate into their act with no real expertise into the craft. Like anything that we choose to do with our lives, magic takes time to perfect. Robert Fox is not just your everyday magician that takes on the craft in order to make a little money. Magic is his passion and he has taken it upon himself to perfect the tricks and entertainment factor through years of disciplined experience.

Many London-based magicians are not able to effectively reach the audience because they merely perform one trick after another. There is no real connection with the audience and there is absolutely zero showmanship. Anyone who has ever performed for a crowd can vouch for the inherent need for showmanship no matter what they are performing. The showmanship comes from a charisma with the audience and that is not something that can be manufactured or mimicked.

Robert Fox is the only magician in London that has the type of charisma necessary to make his tricks more than just a series of impressive acts. Magic is Robert Fox’s passion and he conveys that passion to the audience with one of the most impressive and insightful performances you will see anywhere in London. He has performed many different venues and been able to fashion his magic to countless events.


A wedding is traditionally a very stringent ritual that brings two people together, but more and more people are taking that very strict format out of the affair altogether. Even if the actual ceremony remains traditional, the reception is usually quite a party and for a party to be memorable, it has to have entertainment. Many forms of entertainment exist, however simply because a form of entertainment exists does not mean that it is right for the event.

Traditionally, weddings involve nothing more than a band or a DJ as the entertainment factor, but people will get bored with simply dancing the night away and therefore the need for more entertainment is necessary. Having Robert Fox, premiere London magician at your wedding ensures that the crowd never gets bored. Even if he is not performing on stage for the crowd, he can be seen mingling among them performing close up magic tricks that will amaze them all. Robert Fox has the ability to adapt his performance to fit what is needed for the individual event. That is not something that can be said of all magicians in London.

Corporate Events

Large corporations in the past have merely allowed for their employees to work with no real incentives apart from their general pay. People however require more than just their wages to be motivated for greatness with the company. That is why many corporations have begun to incorporate corporate style parties to being their employees together with the notion to just have fun. There is some shop talk at these events, but to attract more employees, there is also entertainment. When you have a corporate event that is in need of remarkable entertainment, there is no other magician in London like Robert Fox.

You want your corporate event to be the place your employees want to show up to in order for it to be successful the entertainment has to be right. Robert Fox can get the party started with his amazing ability to read minds. Apart from his awe inspiring magic performance, your guests will be amazed by his ability to get right into their head and tell them what they are thinking. This part of the show is always a real crowd pleaser and your corporate event will be much more fun with the only magician from London that can also read your mind.

London may be full of entertainers of every genre, but when your event needs to be really special and stand out, you need none other than Robert Fox premier magician in London. You will love his energy both on and off stage, and your guests will love the fact that they have more to do at the event than just dance or talk.