Magician Hertfordshire – What a Magician Can Do for Your Party

Magician Hertfordshire

What a Magician Can Do for Your Party

The fun at a party generally comes from the form of entertainment that is being showcased. If you hire Robert Fox, the No.1 magician Herts has on offer you will thankful you made the right decision.

The Need for Entertainment

Entertainment at a party is right up there on the importance meter running neck and neck with the food. Great parties and events of all types have both exceptional food choices as well as unbelievable entertainment. These days there are far more choices for entertainment than ever before because of that importance. Performers range from a simple band all the way to acrobatic feats of amazement, but one thing that these performers do not do for the party is actually get the crowd involved. Nothing will do that for your event quite like your very own Hertfordshire magician.

What Makes a Great Magician?

When you begin to look up magicians to book for an event, you will come upon an endless stream of names with relatively little information. It is true that typing in magician will bring about many of the past great names in the magic scene, but the local magician in Hertfordshire may be hard to find if you are really looking for quality entertainment. Anyone willing to spend the time it takes to practice magic tricks can technically call themselves a magician, but a true magician is much more than just a few tricks up their sleeve.

The art of magic is much more than just being able to fool a few people with simple tricks. The true magician in Hertfordshire understands the need for showmanship along with the tricks. The real magician is able to encapsulate the audience with their ability to capture every eye in the audience. This is done through countless hours of practice and a true love of the art.

Many Hertfordshire magicians have been able to practice, but lack something that cannot be manufactured or faked, but rather, has to be engrained into the very magician themselves. That factor is called charisma and that is what is able to take hold of the audience and keep their eyes where the magician is directing them, so the trick can be performed flawlessly.

The Need for Closeness

Many Hertfordshire magicians seem to make a name for themselves for only doing stage performances. This allows enough space between them and the crowd that they can get away with a not so perfect performance. It acts as a sort of buffer to where the magician can seem mysterious to the crowd without having to be close up to them. Stage performances have their place and they can be quite entertaining, but some venues do not have the available space for such a performance and if the magician is not well equipped for an up-close performance, the entire party can be thrown off.

Close up magic takes away the barriers that are put up by space and gives the magician very little room for error. Many magicians tend to shy away from this form of magic, but it gives an unbelievably unique quality to any event. Only the best Hertfordshire magicians are able to accomplish close up tricks and astound guests.

Enter Robert Fox

You may have seen many magicians in Hertfordshire, but not all are to be trusted to entertain your guests. Some are merely performing magic as a hobby, but Robert Fox is a true magician with the skill to back up that claim. Robert Fox enjoys the art of magic and loves to bring wonderment to all who have the pleasure to see him perform. He is able to perform for huge audiences in stage performances in which he engages the audience throughout the performance and he is also able to perform close up magic flawlessly.

Your next event in Hertfordshire needs to have the best entertainment available to be memorable and simply hiring any magician is not the way to go. Robert Fox is the premiere magician in Hertfordshire and his expertise at his craft will bring any event to the next level. Unlike hobby magicians that can perform a trick or two, Robert Fox brings his years of practice along with his unmatched charisma to any venue and any event. You will be the talk of the town and everyone will be clamoring to get invited to your next event when you allow Robert Fox to steal the show.