Magician History

Robert Fox – Magician and Mind Reader

The Oxford Dictionary defines a magician as ‘a person with magical powers’.

When you think of magic, do you instantly picture a smartly dressed man, wielding a ‘magic wand’ and pulling a white rabbit out of his hat? If you do then you are not alone; this is the general perception of what a ‘magician’ is. However, in reality, this is not strictly accurate. The look and repertoire of magicians have changed drastically since its early origins, developing alongside changing public opinion and of course differing fashions.

It’s a Kinda Magic – A Brief History

Did you know that the origins of magic can be traced as far back as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians? The traditional trick of having to identify which of three cups a pebble is under was first performed by ancient Greek street entertainers.

The 1700’s is when magic really began to come to the forefront as a source of entertainment. The rise in popularity of magic resulted in magic shows being taken to theatre and performed to a large audience. The audience generally consisted of the rich, who could afford tickets. This is where the traditional image of a magician in eveningwear originated – magicians wore dinner suits and tails to fit in with the affluent audience, which made a change from the star-covered wizard-like gowns worn previously.

The late 1800’s saw the rise of the travelling magician. With increased modes of transport, it was easier for magicians to travel the country, and indeed the most successful ones the world. The fact that they travelled around meant that their act did not have to change dramatically between locations and they could make a success of them for many years. Magic also made it to the variety show stage during this period, highlighting its popularity.

Often, when we think of a typical magician we picture them with a glamorous assistant, generally female. In reality, this practice didn’t being until the 1920’s. Before this time, the idea of sawing a lady in half would have been unfathomable to any audience, but whether it is because of the outbreak of war hardening public opinion, or the rise of equal rights for women, it suddenly became an acceptable and popular form of entertainment.

The popularity of television changed the world of magic forever. There were many sceptics who believed that magic on the television would not be believable and thus would lose its appeal, particularly concerning ‘close-up’ tricks. However, by having a live audience and the cameras set up so that the home viewer gets the same view as the audience, these concerns were dispelled and the introduction of television to the world of magic gave it a new lease of life and made many magicians stars.

Today, there are many platforms for magicians to show their craft; from the stages of Vegas, to street performers, to television programs. There is certainly a diversity in the types of illusion modern magicians perform – from close-up magic, to card tricks, to escapes, to cabaret acts…the list goes on.

What cannot be denied is the long journey that the art of magic has travelled upon. It has developed through the ages from an obscure form of entertainment to a commonplace pastime which is very diverse in nature.

Can You Read My Mind?

The definition of ‘magician’ as somebody with ‘magical powers’ has a sense of the supernatural about it. The notion of being able to read someone’s mind then is surely a true reflection of the definition of ‘magician; after all, is it possible to read somebody’s mind without supernatural powers?

Mind reading is also known as ‘mentalism’, particularly when it is in reference to a show or act based upon this skill. Naturally, there is a lot of scepticism associated with this form of entertainment as the ability to read another persons’ mind is seemingly impossible. This is why the techniques that mentalists use in order to seemingly read the minds of their audiences are astounding.

The whole ethos behind the arts of magic and mind reading is the sense of wonder that they create. The smallest of children to the most sceptical of adults can all be amazed and astounded by seemingly unexplainable tricks and events. Robert Fox is a master of magic, playing to audiences big and small nationwide.

Robert Fox is the master magician of choice for many high-brow parties and events. Offering first-rate close-up magic tricks which can be done around dining tables, or whilst mingling with the crowd, Robert never fails to amaze and astound his audience. His talents are not strictly limited to magic tricks however; he also offers a mind reading cabaret performance to really give your event the wow factor. Robert Fox is available for weddings, corporate events, private parties and even trade shows!