Magician London – History of Magicians in London

Magician London

The Rich History of Magicians in London

Many different performers have called London their home. Street performers of all different types have graced the passes throughout the years putting on performances of all types for the beautiful people of London for centuries, but even though many of these performances require years of dedication honing the craft, none have such an effect on the crowd quite like the art of Magic.

History of Magic

There was a time when those who performed magic were looked upon as possessed by dark forces and therefore feared by those within the religious realm. We now know that the bulk of what a magician does is based upon slide of hand and illusions, but the history of magic goes back for centuries and even thousands of years.

The first recorded magic show put on for public view is said to have taken place in 2700 B.C. The magician when by the name of Dedi. His performances are rumored, but the lack of documentation allows for only so much speculation. Magic however did not truly take flight and be open to the public until the famous Harry Houdini began to perform as the premiere magician in London.

The Legend

London magicians are many and they have grown to be quite popular throughout the years with many magicians being scheduled to perform at weddings and parties throughout the city, but none have made such an impact as Harry Houdini. One of the main reasons that Houdini rose to such fame was his ability to escape from practically any form of lock up. His London Magician fame grew great from his insistence that the local authorities lock him up in a variety of different ways in which he managed to escape every time. There is likely not one individual that has not at some point heard of Harry Houdini and magicians in London have him to ultimately thank for bringing light to the art of magic.

As much speculation as there was about the magical life of Harry Houdini, there is even more so about his death. There are stories that he died while performing an underwater escape, but these are nothing more than pure speculation. His actual death was brought about by a ruptured appendix that could have been aggravated by repeated blows to the stomach by J. Gordon Whitehead who surprised Houdini with the attack claiming that he could not withstand the blows. Houdini was known for his ability to take a blow, but the surprise attack rendered him unable to properly prepare. He later died that evening.

The Modern London Magician

These days there are few magicians in London that will consider going to the extremes that Houdini did to make a name for himself. Much of the magic performed these days are for television audiences which are quite easy to misdirect with the different camera angles and the mere fact that the audiences are not live in front of the magician. There is however no need to fear for the London magician. Although the television magicians can be a bit shady, there are plenty of live magicians in London waiting for the chance to wow the public with their truly awe inspiring tricks. One such magician is Robert Fox.

Robert Fox is truly a masterful London magician. He has perfected his skills for the better part of his life and has become quite known for both his stage performances as well as his amazing ability to astound with his close up magic performances. Unlike other magicians who rely on cheap camera tricks to make them appear as a magician, Mr. Fox is the real deal. He has performed his magic for countless audiences throughout London and surrounding areas.

Robert Fox is available to perform at any event in need of superior entertainment. He has performed at venues throughout London and unlike other performers that are severely limited by the venue and the availability of specific features, Robert Fox is able to adapt his performance to fit the venue. Any event you have deserves to have the best London magician and you can rest assured that having him perform, will take your event to the next level making it truly memorable for you as well as all of your guests.