Magician – Terms Glossary

Magician – Terms Glossary

Magicians are referred to using various terms – often relating to the nature and type of performance. Here is a glossary to help clarify what is meant by these terms.

Magician – entertainer who performs visual miracles using sleight of hand and misdirection.

Mind Reader – entertainer who appears to be able to see people’s thoughts.

Conjurer – same as magician.

Illusionist – often referred to as a magician who performs large stage effects but can also mean a close up magician.

Close up magician – magician who performs in a close up environment, performing for small groups of people at a time.

Table magician – magician who performs at tables during an event. Moving from table to table entertaining.

Stage magician – magician who performs on stage, usually performing for everyone in the room at once.

Cabaret magician – magician who performs a cabaret type act for the room as a whole.

Mix and mingle magician – magician who performs for a collection of people at a time. Mingling amongst the guests at an event.

Strolling magician – magician who strolls around an event performing for people in small groups.

Sleight of hand magician – magician that performs visual magic using their dexterity.

Mind magician – magician that performs mind reading type effects.

Event magician – magician who performs at various types of events.

Wedding magician – magician that entertains at people’s weddings.

Corporate magician – magician who performs at company corporate events.

Party magician – magician who entertains at private party function.

Trade show magician / exhibition magician – magician that performs on company stands at exhibitions.