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Taking Your Northampton Event to the Next Level

Planning an event is a lot of hard work. Anyone who has ever taken on planning an event only to find out that the ability to do so is simply out of their reach can attest to the fact that not everyone can plan events effectively. Fortunately, professional event planners are realizing that people want to be truly entertained and therefore they are turning to performers that hone their craft for years. Magicians in Northampton are where it is at and Robert Fox is the only name you need to keep in mind.


A wedding is traditionally a very somber event where two people proclaim that they will love one another for all eternity, but once the vows have been said and the two are pronounced husband and wife, the party begins at the reception. Much effort is put into the food of the reception because no one wants his or her wedding to be remembered for lack of food or even worse, terrible food, but the food is only part of the equation. The wedding entertainment should be your top priority during any wedding you plan. Robert Fox is the magician in Northampton that can make any wedding an event to remember.

Unlike other performers who merely learn their craft, a good magician has to prepare and work for years to ensure that all tricks are accomplished flawlessly. No other Northampton magician has the skill that Robert Fox possesses because he has worked to bring perfection into every performance. Whether he is performing on stage for a large crowd or down around the individual tables astounding guests with his close up magic ability, Robert Fox is sure to take your wedding to the next level in the entertainment department.

Corporate Events

You may be highly engaged in planning your next corporate event at the Harbin House Conference Center in Northampton. You have ensured that all of the invitations have been sent out and that the food is in order according to any specialized dietary needs some of the guests may have and you have painstakingly gone through the seating chart to ensure that no issue arises from someone being seated next to another that they may not get along with, but if you have not spend some time looking into the entertainment at said event, you are way behind and you need to call Robert Fox, premiere Northampton magician straight away.

Corporate events can be quite dry when it comes to adequate entertainment and these events are meant to bring those within the corporation closer together, but too often the lack of entertainment leads the guests to merely eat and leave. Robert Fox has the charisma, stage presence, and unbelievable skill in the art of magic to captivate audiences like no other form of entertainment. Robert Fox has been performing his feats of magical excellence for Northampton corporate events for many years and he wants to make your next corporate event a memorable affair, so hire the best magician in Northampton today.

Private Parties

Entertainment is usually only thought of for large scale events. Small parties tend to greatly lack on any form of entertainment. That is why many of them only last through the meal of the evening and no longer, but a little imagination and thought will ensure that your next private party will be one to remember. Robert Fox is not just the best stage magician in Northampton. He is also the best close up magician in the area. When people think of magic they rarely think of anything apart from a stage performance, but close up magic is a skill that Robert Fox has honed for many years and he is remarkably effective at astounding audiences from the stage in large groups as well as intimate gatherings among friends. You private party should never be left without entertainment, so give Robert Fox the chance to show you why he is the number one magician Northampton has to offer.