Oxford Magician – More Than Entertainment

How an Oxford Magician Can Be Much More Than Just Entertainment

Magic is something that most of us have seen and understand as nothing more than entertainment. No matter if the magician is well trained or maybe a little on the novice side of the occupation, we are simply entertained by magic. An Oxford magician is remarkable entertainment for events throughout the area, but do not be dismayed by the flash of it all because magic is remarkably unique to the fact that it can help with a number of different physical ailments that limit the ability of the afflicted to function normally.


Hemiplegia is a disease that causes one side of the body to be far weaker than the other side. Those that suffer from the condition can become entirely dependent upon one side of their body and thee treatments are severely limited as the causes can be head trauma or stroke. Clots in the head can form and thereby partially paralyzing the patient, but magicians in Oxford as well as magicians around the world should be pleased to know that their craft is helping those afflicted with Hemiplegia.

The act of tying ropes together and making balls disappear involves quite a lot of use of the hands. Magicians are teaming up with physical therapists to assist the patients in performing the magic tricks. The therapist can suggest movements that are most beneficial to the patient and the magician in Oxford can fashion magic tricks that work those individual muscle groups. Apart from being a lot of fun for the patients, it is motivation for them to continue to work the muscles to slow the effects of the condition and in some cases, improve the symptoms keeping them from advancing.


The world of autism is quite confusing. There are so many disorders that are merely classified as autism. Basically, autism is a disorder that us generally found in children. The child may experience a delay in the expected learning track, language delays, or have difficulty communicating. Autism effects tens of millions of individuals worldwide and that number grows as more research is done into the individual conditions that fall into the autism category. It can be quite difficult to reach out to some autistic individuals that have severe language issues, but studies have suggested that involving autistic patients in learning magic can improve their overall state of being and some Oxford magicians are meeting the challenge.

People with autism learn differently than those that are not afflicted. They cannot always communicate in the way the average person does and therefore they do not take in information the same way. Much of what therapists do when they work with autism patients has to do with getting them to use their outer extremities and touch objects. Magic is all about touching objects and making them disappear. The magician is able to empower the patient with help from a licensed therapist. The treatment has been shown to be remarkably effective and allows the patient to experience more from life than just learning boring facts and figures. It also gives them the opportunity to impress others with their knowledge of the tricks.

Magician Oxford – More Than Just Tricks

Magicians in Oxford and throughout the world have begun to understand that the form of entertainment they use to make a living can be utilized to help others. With so many neurological disorders coming to light each day, it is important to look for unique ways to offer patients a different avenue to learn and grow. Magicians in Oxford are very effective at performing for the crowd, but when they can couple that hard-earned skill with the ability to help someone, they are able to achieve far more than just making a living and those are the blessings that matter most of all.

If you are looking for a master magician for an event or just to make a child smile, Robert Fox is the man to call. He has been working at magic for many years and has a true passion for all that encompasses the craft. Although there may be many magicians in Oxford and surrounding areas, but when true entertainment is desired, only the best will do. He has performed for more audiences that can be counted all the way from hundreds of people, down to intimate gatherings of just a few. No matter what crowd Robert is entertaining; he puts everything into the performance to ensure that it is top notch. You are not going to find another magician in Oxford with his skill, expertise, and stage presence. Others may have tried to mimic the amazing job that he does, but none have succeeded. When you put so much effort into an event, you never want to let the entertainment slide, so be sure to hire Robert Fox to entertain the crowd for a night filled with fun, excitement, and magical thrills.