Oxford Magician Is Your Answer

Oxford Magician Is Your Answer

Robert Fox is Your Go to Magician for Your Next Oxford Event

Want your event to stand out and be remembered for a very long time? Then your answer is Oxford magician Robert Fox.

Corporate Parties

Your standard office party is something that is only done in very small companies these days. Corporations however have been known to throw down some serious money on the parties that they have. These parties are often in huge venues with thousands in attendance, but with all of their efforts into making the party happen, the entertainment is usually left to the last-minute. This usually means that the entertainment is sometimes just the local band looking or a gig or a hired DJ that really has no appeal to the event being thrown. Corporate parties are supposed to get people excited about where they work and evoke pride and mediocre entertainment is not the way to accomplish this, but Robert Fox is a magician in Oxford known for his truly entertaining performances.

Robert Fox is not like other magicians in Oxford. Performing for a crowd is not just something that he does to make a living. It is his true passion and hiring him for your corporate party will mean that the passion he brings to the stage will be translated to the crowd. There are some magicians who simply perform one magic trick after another and have no real connection with the crowd, but Robert Fox is able to draw the crowd to him to the point where they will not want to look away for a second. When you hire Robert Fox for your Oxford event, you will never have to worry about any of your guests becoming bored and leaving shortly after the event begins. They will be entertained the whole night through.

Birthday Parties

Celebrating someone’s life through a birthday party is no longer as simple as it used to be. Where we once had a birthday party at home surrounded by just family and a few friends, people are now taking birthday celebrations to a whole new level. We only get one birthday a year and therefore it should be celebrated with fanfare and the entertainment for the event is what will make it either memorable or forgotten quickly. When you are shelling out a lot of money for a birthday party, you want it to be the event people want to be at and hiring Robert Fox, Oxford magician extraordinaire will ensure that the event is memorable for all.

The appeal of hiring a magician in Oxford is not just so the crowd can be amazed with just slide of hand. It is the only way many of us are able to be truly mystified by something that we cannot explain. In a world where anything can be looked up via the internet, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to offer the average person something that they are unable to explain, but Robert Fox is able to give any crowd the experience of a lifetime through both stage magic that will have the audience scratching their heads and also close up magic that is harder to accomplish, but much more impressive to the crowd.

Many magicians tend to shy away from close up encounters with the crowd, but Robert Fox is the only Oxford magician that makes it part of the act. He does not want the audience to just sit back and watch the magic be accomplished, he gets close up to them so that they are able to be entertained to the highest degree. The art of close up magic takes a lifetime of dedication to the craft and some magicians in Oxford would rather have the cushion of space between them and their audience. Robert Fox does not subscribe to that theory and that is why he has been so successful throughout the year.

When you have an event that is in need of top-notch entertainment, do not turn to just anyone to get the job done. Robert Fox is your premier magician in Oxford and he will make any event you throw be the talk of the town for years to come.

Planning any event can be a very stressful endeavor. Making sure that there are enough seats for everyone that will be attending, decorations, and the act of ordering food can be daunting, but then you have to find a way to entertain everyone that will be in attendance. Hiring entertainment is often easier said than done. You have to take into account the actual scope of the event. What is the theme, who will be there, and also the likes and dislikes of the crowd as a whole? One wrong entertainment hire can make all of your other planning for the event meaningless, but lucky for you magicians have the ability to entertain people from all walks of life and when you need a magician in Oxford, Robert Fox is your answer.