Three Reasons to Hire London Magician Robert Fox

Three Reasons to Hire London Magician Robert Fox

Robert Fox is an experienced and highly acclaimed magician performing in London and across the country. If you are looking for a London magician for your event or private function, there are plenty of good reasons to choose Robert over anyone else. Here are three of the most compelling reasons why Robert is one of the best entertainers you can choose:

A Versatile London Magician

Robert Fox is a skilled and versatile magician. He can perform a wide range of different kinds of magic tricks and illusory feats, including mind reading and the kind of close-up magic that leaves you struggling to understand how you weren’t able to see his secrets. Robert is equally versatile when it comes to the kinds of events he can perform at, and he has put together many successful sets for private parties, weddings, large- and small-scale corporate functions, and trade events to name just some examples. Whatever you are looking for in a magician in London and whatever kind of function you need a magician for, he can provide an awe-inspiring magic act tailored to your needs. He can even bring along carefully-picked and very talented extra magicians to help cover larger events.

Highly Recommended

Robert has performed for some prestigious and discerning clients – both organisations and individuals – and has put on performances for people with very high standards. Always up to the challenge, Robert comes highly recommended and has glowing testimonials from many of the people and companies he has performed in front of. Major companies such as Lloyds, Ernst & Young, and the BBC have found his act a fantastic addition to their corporate functions, and he has also been endorsed by celebrities as diverse as Usain Bolt, Barbara Windsor, Alan Carr and Harry Styles. The best way of judging a magician’s worth is through the opinions of those who have seen him perform, and even the most demanding of clients – including those who are professional performers themselves – are ready to heap praise on Robert. This alone surely singles him out as one of the finest magicians in London today.

Plenty of Wow Factor

There are many magicians in London, but in the end they are all striving towards one purpose. The main goal of any magic act is to inspire awe and to make the audience say “Wow!” When you book a magic act from Robert Fox, you are sure to get plenty of wow factor. He can take the centre of the stage and perform impressive and elaborate feats of magic to take the audience’s breath away. Equally, he can go from table to table, performing tricks at impossibly close quarters that will truly boggle the mind. As one of the best and most respected of all London magicians, Robert will fill any kind of set with tricks you won’t believe possible, and which will prove truly mind-bending as you struggle and fail to work out how he could possibly have done them.