Table Magician?

Table Magician?

So what’s a table magician. A rather odd phrase often used in the magic world. Despite some people’s perception of it being a magician who does tricks with a table, such as making a table disappear, that is not the case.

A table magician is a phrase meaning a magician who performs for guests at a table. Indeed the table is almost never used as part of the magic act but is just where the audience are located. You will hear people say a magician performed table to table. This means they went from one table to another performing their act.

You are likely to find a magician working the tables at a corporate event for example. Often at large corporate events the guests are spread out around the room with 10 – 12 people per table. The magician will go from one table to the next performing his act for around 5-10 minutes.

The wedding breakfast at a wedding is also another time where a table magician performs. Similar to a corporate event the magician will go to each table and perform their act.