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Berkshire Magician The county of Berkshire is located to the west of London and one of its greatest attractions is Windsor Castle. There are many venues that you could choose to hold your function or event in Berkshire as it is such a lovely county. Easthampstead Park conference Centre – This large building consists of 20 meeting and conference rooms which can also be hired for weddings or parties. The substantial land that surrounds the conference centre is used to

Birmingham Magician Birmingham is a vibrant multicultural city with many attractions and venues available to visit or hire for your own function, wedding, meeting or conference. Famous landmarks include the Selfridges building, Rotunda and the Symphony Hall. Where will you choose to hold your event? The Studio – These modern conference facilities are situated in Birmingham city Centre therefore are perfectly accessible by car, bus or train. The conference facilities are light and airy giving them a modern feel and

The Magic of Christmas Christmas is a magical time of year when the impossible seems possible – angels are all around, a fat man dressed in red flies to your house (via reindeer!) and comes down the chimney with only the intention of bringing you presents and then there are the office Christmas parties where anything really can happen! Children embrace and embody the magic of Christmas – the lights, the build-up of advent and the prospect of a mountain

Robert Fox – Magician and Mind Reader The Oxford Dictionary defines a magician as ‘a person with magical powers’. When you think of magic, do you instantly picture a smartly dressed man, wielding a ‘magic wand’ and pulling a white rabbit out of his hat? If you do then you are not alone; this is the general perception of what a ‘magician’ is. However, in reality, this is not strictly accurate. The look and repertoire of magicians have changed drastically

Magician – Terms Glossary Magicians are referred to using various terms – often relating to the nature and type of performance. Here is a glossary to help clarify what is meant by these terms. Magician – entertainer who performs visual miracles using sleight of hand and misdirection. Mind Reader – entertainer who appears to be able to see people’s thoughts. Conjurer – same as magician. Illusionist – often referred to as a magician who performs large stage effects but can