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Hiring Your Hampshire Magician – Types of Magic Event planning can be quite a challenge. Apart from making sure that there is enough food and decorations that go along with the theme, you have to hire entertainment to keep the party going. There is a growing trend among event planners these days that are taking forms of entertainment out of the nominal box of music of some kind and inviting in entertainment that is a little different. One of the largest

The Magic of the UK Cardini and P.C. Sorcar live on When it comes to magicians, the mind tends to go directly to Harry Houdini or to modern American icons such as David Copperfield, David Blaine, or Chris Angel. Yet, as good as these magicians are, they would be non-existent without the foundation of some of Britain’s finest magicians. From London magicians to magician Hampshire, the UK has housed some of history’s top illusionists. It is from these magicians that

Hampshire Magician For Your Next Event Robert Fox Master Magician in Hampshire Performing for Your Next Event When your event calls for true entertainment the only name you should remember is Robert Fox, professional Hampshire magician. Event planning has become an entire job in itself. There was a time planning an event meant that you needed to ensure that there was enough space for everyone as well as an ample amount of food, but these days even the smallest event