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Experience magic from a professional and entertaining London magician Finding a great way to add a touch of magic to your event can be tricky, but the answer is right here with your magician in London extraordinaire Robert Fox. He has been bringing his own brand of magic to the London area for years, and has built an amazing and astounding repertoire over that time. Thanks to his performances, he has left a number of happy clients behind him after

Magician London The Rich History of Magicians in London Many different performers have called London their home. Street performers of all different types have graced the passes throughout the years putting on performances of all types for the beautiful people of London for centuries, but even though many of these performances require years of dedication honing the craft, none have such an effect on the crowd quite like the art of Magic. History of Magic There was a time when

Best London Magician Robert Fox Even though the world might lack real magic, some people can charm you into believing in its existence. And then there are people like Robert Fox. Robert Fox is a professional London magician who can make you believe in magic with his phenomenal sleight of hand and mind reading. Robert Fox is a celebrity magician, who has performed for some of the most notable celebrities to walk the earth. Examples include: the great Paul McCartney,

London Magicians – Gartner On Monday myself and 7 other London magicians will be performing at a large corporate event in London for Gartner. I have previously performed close up magic for them at an event in Europe and they requested I find 7 other magicians in London for this particular event to perform alongside me. The event is taking place in a central London venue, one of only a few venues in London that can hold 600 guests in

London Party Magician I performed a few weeks ago as a London party magician for a rather splendid chap who was holding a party for his wife’s birthday at their Kensington home. The party was held at their residence in London and fortunately I had been recommended as a party magician to the gentleman by someone who had seen me performing magic at a previous party in London. Spread over three floors of their London property their was plenty of