The London Magician

The London Magician

A Look at the Magicians Throughout the World and Magicians in London

People have been entertained by countless performers for as long as the world has been in existence and apart from the standard singers and acrobatic performances, magicians are among the most utilized performers in the world. The history of magicians in London as well as all parts of the world is quite a unique one. Where we understand that magic is generally something that can be explained if you understand how the trick is performed, people long ago began to think of magicians as sorcerers and therefore were quite afraid of them. It was not until roughly the 1800s that magicians in London and throughout the world were understood as not sorcerers, but actual performers of illusions to trick the audience’s eye. From that point on, magicians have been favored as remarkable entertainment for all types of events and parties.

The Mysterious Dante

It is likely that you have heard of the famous Harry Houdini and believe that all modern magic came from his performances, but even though Harry Houdini was a favored London magician as well as well-known in most countries, he was not the only famous entity. The largest part of magic is not about merely being able to perform a trick or two to amaze the crowd, but taking the performance to an entirely new level by showmanship. Dante the Magician was one of the most famous magicians in the early 1900s that understood this fact.

His amazing performances were one of the largest tours of magic in the Golden Era of the performing age. Dante toured all over the world a during his performances he was known to use a wide variety of spectacular colors and beautiful assistance that did nothing for the tricks themselves, but distract the crowd from the underlying illusion of the magic. It was also Dante that made the famed “Magic Words” a part of the performance as well. He would recite pure nonsense such as “Sim Sala Bim” during the dramatic reveal of his tricks.

Harry Blackstone Sr.

London magicians are a true tradition in the city and that is in part thanks to the fame of some of the better-known magicians in London, but also some that did not get the notoriety they may have deserved. The famous trick of sawing a woman in half may be one that most famous magicians have tried, but they did not perfect the trick. That honor goes to Harry Blackstone Sr. who was most noted for entertaining the troops during World War II. His magic traditions lived on through his son Harry Blackstone Jr. as his father would routinely put his infant son into the performances, therefore he gained a love for the art as well.

Jean Eugene Robert-Houdini

It is common belief that Harry Houdini was the only Houdini in the business, but it was a name he took on to pay homage to his hero Jean Eugene Robert-Houdini. This was the original famous magician of the 19th century that fashioned the art of magic as we know it today. There would be no London magicians or any magicians anywhere performing without his original influence.

Robert-Houdini would perform the standard levitation tricks and also many slide of hand illusions, but his is most noted for his seeming ability to read minds. In a packed house of people, he would walk through the audience blindfolded touching random items and would then describe the item in extreme detail. He would also perform a trick in which he would guess the liquid that an audience member was drinking. The audience was always amazed with his showmanship and remarkable ability to captivate the audience.

What About Today

Although the magicians of the past are no longer with us, we can take great comfort in the fact that some magicians have taken it upon themselves to continue the art of magic for crowds throughout the world. One of those such performers is right here as your premier London magician. Robert Fox has taken cues from the past magicians that he has admired and through his extraordinary skill has fashioned the tricks of old into performances that will entertain audiences of any size and at any event.

Robert Fox is not just the average magician in London that knows a trick or two. His remarkable talent allows him to captivate the audience through his ability to read minds as well as perform some of the most impressive illusions you will ever see. He has performed his craft for celebrities as well as small intimate gatherings of friends and he wants the chance to take your next event to new heights. Do not trust your event to just any performance. Instead allow the best London magician around to entertain the crowd, Robert Fox.