What is a trade show magician?

What is a trade show magician?

The role of a trade show magician is to draw potential clients to a company’s stand during a trade show. It’s becoming increasingly popular for companies to use magicians at trade shows to increase their leads.

A trade show magician often tailors their act around the company they are working for. They incorporate the company’s logo, slogans and company messages into the tricks they perform. A good trade show magician will work with the company prior to a show in order to familiarise themselves with the company and their products.

There are a number of benefits in having a magician on your stand at the trade show. A magician will create a buzz on a stand resulting in an increased volume of traffic. Often people return to the stand for a second time just to see the magician, this gives the company a second chance to sell to those delegates. By incorporating company’s products and messages into their act a magician helps promote and sell the company. If all the sales team on the trade show stand are busy a magician helps keep people on the stand until the sales team become available.

Sometimes company’s at trade shows have a big presentation every hour or half an hour. In this instance a magician will perform a 10 minutes set to generate a large crowd to the stand which then gets passed on to the sales team for the large presentation.

In the UK your most likely to see a trade show magician at the larger shows that take place at Excel, Earls Court, Olympia and The NEC.