Why Hire A Hampshire Magician?

Why Hire A Hampshire Magician?

The Best Magician in Hampshire and Why You Need Him for Every Event You Host

People gather for all sorts of reasons. Some parties are formal and well structured while others are more casual and laid back, but no matter what event you may have if you do not have the right type of entertainment, your guests will leave before the party is over. Hampshire Magician Robert Fox will make sure your event stands out above all others You never want to have your event remembered for being just another run of the mill party and that is why you need the ability of the best magician Hampshire has to offer.

Corporate Events

The word corporate often brings up images of business people in suits. Most corporate events that are held tend to be very boring affairs. The business like nature of the event tends to leave a lot to be desired where entertainment is concerned. Some of these parties may have a band of some sort, but when the point is to get people to come together, a band and dancing is not always the answer. For true interaction to happen between the guests there has to be more and Robert Fox is the magician in Hampshire that can give it to you.

Unlike traditional entertainment performances that simply play for the crowd, Robert Fox is able to get up close and personal with your guests. This enables the party to keep going. If your gathering is more of an intimate style corporate event, then Robert is able to adapt his performance to that environment by mingling within the crowd and getting smaller groups involved in the magic.


Finding the right entertainment for a wedding can be a task. Unlike corporate events which tends to primarily have business type people, a wedding can have any number of personalities and people who may not like exactly the same style of entertainment as the person organizing the wedding. Music tends to be a touchy subject with many people and if the band or DJ is unable to adapt his music styling to encompass everyone’s likes, then the wedding reception is going to suffer in the entertainment area. There are however not many people in the world who turn down the opportunity to see a live magician.

Other magicians in Hampshire may have a way with the crowd, but none have honed their craft like that of Robert Fox. His style of performing is one that will keep you and your wedding guests guessing what he is going to do next and how it was possible that he did his last trick. When you can truly astound an audience, then and only then will you have a memorable event. It is the goal of Robert Fox to make sure that every wedding he performs is memorable and fun for all involved. You are not going to find another Hampshire magician with the vast experience and ability of Robert Fox.

Trade Show Events

Trade shows are becoming more and more popular as a means to bring people together for the purpose of networking. Trade events are often surrounded by a theme of some sort, but seem to lack quality entertainment. The draw to be there is simply about networking, but if you are looking to maximize your next trade show event you need to look into hiring your very own Hampshire magician.

Magicians are one of the rare forms of entertainment that have the ability to change up their act to fit the theme of the event. Robert Fox has been entertaining for years and he understands that there is something special about being able to adapt the performance and he is the only magician that you will find that is able to do this with such success. Your trade show stand will never be as memorable until you hire Robert Fox and from that point on people will look for your trade show stand each year as the one to visit.

Magicians may be able to be found throughout Hampshire, but no other magician has the passion that Robert Fox has for entertaining people. His performances are not just about performing the same magic tricks that have been used forever, but truly astounding the crowd with his ability to make them believe in the unbelievable. When you are looking for a magician in Hampshire you need not look any further than Robert Fox.