Why Hire A Surrey Magician?

Why Hire A Surrey Magician?

If you’re looking for a Surrey Magician to wow the guests at a corporate event, draw people into your stall at a trade show, or just entertain you at a private function Robert Fox is the ideal choice. As a top magician in Surrey Robert performs all across the UK and world with his contemporary magic and mind reading skills which will leave both you and your guests completely in awe.

With the ability to amaze guests by reading their minds, from a name they might be thinking of to a number in their heads, there’s no better way to entertain people than with a Surrey magician. Whatever your requirements Robert can adapt to them, be it close up personal magic, performing on a stage or moving and mingling from table to table at an event. Choosing Robert will ensure your event stands out from the rest.

Have you ever seen someone change a £5 note into a £50 note right in front of your eyes? Have you ever had the watch from your wrist removed without even knowing? These and many more tricks are just the kind of things you can expect from a performance with Robert Fox.

Having travelled the world and performed to a number of high-profile artists Robert really knows how to make an audience pay attention with his spellbinding tricks and amazing feats of magic. You know you’ll be in good company choosing Robert as your magician in Surrey as he’s enthralled personalities such as Sir Paul McCartney, Tinie Tempah, One Direction’s Harry Styles and athelete Usain Bolt among others. By choosing Robert as your Surrey magician you’re guaranteeing an unforgettable event which will have your guests talking about for ages.

Light up your corporate event or conference with Robert who can add a wow factor to your proceedings. Perhaps you want a performance to begin your event, or something to lighten things up in the middle, whatever your needs Robert can fit in with your plans. It might be you want a close up magician to move around during corporate company drinks to amaze your guests and leave them dumbfounded, or perhaps you want to add something extra to your team building day. You know you’re getting something special with Robert.

By choosing Robert you’ll get a mixture of psychological games which will leave you and your guests stunned alongside fast humour which will take the entire audience on a journey of mystery and amazement.

If you need an additional magicians due to hosting a large event then through his contacts Robert is able to provide you with more magicians for your event should you require. Whether you want 2 or 10 magicians Robert is able to supply the very best of Surrey magicians.